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Slendytubbies Games Online

Your favorite heroes become closer to you.

Everybody knows about Teletubbies, because they are famous all over the world. Movies and toys were widely popular among boys and girls, and they are still in trend, no matter how many years have passed since the first episode was aired. No wonder that various online games developers want to contribute to this Teletubbies universe. A new version of these funny creatures appeared a couple of years ago, and the family of Slendytubbies is constantly growing, granting you an access to more and more games with these terrifying creatures. They lost their typical looks, and you need to watch carefully to see your favorite characters in them, but this challenge is very appealing, and you will know why.

The playing process

You are in a scary forest in Slendytubbies, and everywhere your eyes may reach, you can’t see any comforting shelter. You don’t feel comfortable, because you may smell this scent of danger in the air. You will see a map, and there are plenty of custards, scattered all over the location, and you need to gather them. You may find Teletubbies house, but it is a complete mess. Everything is ruined, and one of their beds is on fire. What happened in this peaceful place? Where are all the inhabitants? You need to stroll a bit, and then you will realize all the troubles that happened to your dear heroes.

You won’t find any plot in this game, no story or breathtaking dialogues. Actually, you don’t need them to feel the unity with your character and enjoy the game. Your main and only goal is to gather the custards, at least ten of them, and in this case you will become a winner. You need to remember that each collected plate adds the degree of complexity, and it would be more and more difficult to pick up the next one. The thing is that you will be stalked by a crazy Tinky Winky, and he may even kill you. It’s so far from a typical image of your favorite characters, and you should forget about the careless way of playing. If you come too close to him, he will scream and shout, and this aggressive Teletubby can do harm to you, so keep away from him!