Slendytubbies 3


This is a horror game Slendytubbies 3, so you should be ready to see dead bodies everywhere. The thing is that Tinky Winky has already killed all of his friends, and the only survival is a white tubbie. This is a pre-story, and the story is in running towards and backwards, because you need to stay alive. For instance, Laa-Laa’s body is lying on a bank of the river, and you see custards near her. If you come close to her, she wil scare you do death, even though she isn’t alive. You are a white Teletubby, and you are strolling along the location and explore it inside-out. Will you be able to collect all custards? Who knows. And you may break your own records by collecting the biggest number of plates.

Custards are the only important things in the game, no matter what version you have chosen. There are several versions of Slendytubbies, and they all differ in details. However, the genre remains unchanged, and you will be scared all the time you are in game. Later version doesn’t imply that it is better, so you can try all of them, and see what you prefer. Slendytubbies are scary, but funny, and you will understand it thevery moment you run the game. Pull yourself together, and your courage will help to win this horror game!


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