Slendytubbies Horror


Teletubbies are created by special machines, and this continues for many years and even centuries. They are innocent and naïve and they have no idea about the cruelty in the world near them. They are carefully inspected, and undergo various experiments, and they are unaware of it. But one day something terrible happens, and it change the flow of their life forever. You should become one of those, who look at the Teletubbies, and see how they interact with each other. They are so cute and funny, and you can’t help, but admire those wonderful creatures. They live their lives, and have no idea you are watching them, and make your experiments.

They were friendly and quiet, until something went wrong, and they crave for blood, or at least for some fear from you. You wanted to be their friend, but they disliked the idea. Slendytubbies are very cruel, and they will do no good to you. They want to scare you to death, and you can’t do anything with this. You have no weapon, and all you can do is hiding, running and jumping, and your only mission here is to stay alive. You need to have good nerves, because you will see scary faces every minute, and the feeling of suspense will hold you till the very last moment. The game is very exciting, and it doesn’t depend so much on custards, as previous versions, and you may truly enjoy the process of survival the way you like it.


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