Slendytubbies 2


Stories, which have continuation, what can be more interesting and challenging? The authors have to be sure they make the new part even more interesting than the previous one. Everyone will agree that a bad story will never be prolonged, and it is very difficult to make a thrilling story after a breathtaking one. Nevertheless, Slendytubbies developers were able to make all parts interesting, and here you can test this by yourself. The second part takes you to the same place – to the Teletubbies planet, and it looks terrible. You need to know who destroyed this heavenly place, and you need to become a white teletubby one more time to find the answer once and for all. If possible, of course, because there is a third chapter of this story, and who knows how many there will be on the end.

You need to take care about custards again, because they look suspicious, and you have to take them to the lab. There you will examine them carefully, and see whether they are poisonous or not. If you are lucky enough, and collect enough material, you will reveal a dreadful secret, connected with custards. You will learn about the effect this product has on the planet and its inhabitants, and help to improve the situation. After the research show you the necessary results, you will understand the reasons of strange behavior of your favorite Telebubbies, and why they turned into terrible Slendytubbies. Remember that you won’t find the necessary solution until you collect all custards, because you can make conclusions only after you examine every portion. Will you be able to restore peace on the planet? Only time will show.


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