Slendytubbies 1


Teletubbies is a very popular TV series, and the first episode was aired twenty years ago. It was so popular that it was decided to make a revival, bringing fresh blood into this movie. No wonder that fans all over the world crave for more episodes and adventures of their favorite characters. Game developers couldn’t stay aside, and they created many interesting games, and Slendytubbies is among the most popular ones. This horror game lets you have a fresh look at the friendly characters and see how they may be changed. On this page you may find a second part of this breathtaking game, and all the adventures are as cool as ever. The actions take place on Teletubbies planet, and five years have passed since you closed the last chapter of a previous version.

The planet is a real mess, and it looks awful. You don’t what has happened, and who turned this bright oasis of happiness into hell. You may reveal this secret, but you need to try hard. You feel that the reason lies in custards as well, and you need to collect them all in order to find out what is hidden in their cream. The system stays unchanged – the more custard you collect – the more difficult the process of playing becomes. You will face various troubles and traps, and scary things will happen to you every minute you are in the game. The previous version wasn’t that scary, and you need to be very patient, and not scream, if you aren’t alone at home. By the way, if you don’t want to set into this journey on your own, you may invite your friend to spend some hours in the game, and this may become the most interesting challenge for both of you.


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