Slendytubbies 4


If you think that the first part was too simple, and not scary at all, then you will be happy to know that this part is much scarier. Five long years have passed since you completed the previous mission, and now you face another problem, and you have to solve it whatever it takes. The Teletubbies’ planet in Slendytubbies 4 was turned into a real mess; you won’t see here blooming trees or bright flowers. Everything is dull and you can’t imagine how anyone can live here. Well, is there anybody there at all? You need to figure this out, but at first take care about custards. Yes, these cakes seem to hide some secret inside of them, and you need to reveal it. You need to explore the every spot of the location, and find poisonous custards. And you may learn about the real state of things only after you may laboratory analyses. Every custard should be carefully examined, and this will help you to learn about the one, who harmed the planet.

If you like to play with the light turned off and in the earphones, then you should be ready to scream, because these features make the game extremely scary. If you live alone, then this won’t be a big deal, but if you live with your parents or other relatives, make sure not to play at night – you may thrill your neighbors. If you hate playing on your own, then you may invite your best friend to share the moment of a sheer fear with you, because there is a cooperative mode in this game. This can reduce the sense of fear, but if your friend is easy to scare, you may laugh at his or her screams and begging to leave the game. You will face numerous awful moments, but they all create a perfect suspense.


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